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The <tt>export</tt> command can also be used to remove a variable from an environment, by including theコマンドは環境変数から変数を取り除くことにも使用します。その際には、 <tt>-n</tt> option; for example, オプションを使います。例えば、<source lang="bash" enclose="none">export -n foo</source> undoes the effect of コマンドで<source lang="bash" enclose="none">export foo</source>. And multiple variables can be exported or unexported in a single command, such as の影響を取り消します。またひとつのコマンドで複数の変数をエクスポートまたはその取り消しができます。<source lang="bash" enclose="none">export foo bar</source> orまたは <source lang="bash" enclose="none">export -n foo bar</source>.でできます。
It's important to note that environment variables are only ever passed ''into'' a command; they are never received ''back'' from a command. In this respect, they are similar to regular Bash variables and subshells. So, for example, this command: