OpenSCAD User Manual/DXF Extrusion

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Linear Extrude[編集]

With the DXF Extrusion statements it is possible to convert 2D objects to 3D objects.

linear_extrude(file = "example009.dxf", layer = "fan_top",
  height = fanwidth, center = true, convexity = 10);

Rotate Extrude[編集]

A rotational extrusion is a Linear Extrusion with a twist, literally.

rotate_extrude(file = "example009.dxf", layer = "fan_side",
  origin = fan_side_center, convexity = 10, twist = -fanrot);

Getting Inkscape to work[編集]

Inkscape is an open source drawing program. Tutorials for transferring 2d DXF drawings from Inkscape to OpenSCAD are available here:

Description of extrude parameters[編集]

Extrude parameters for all extrusion modes[編集]

file The name of the DXF file to extrude
layer The name of the DXF layer to extrude
convexity See 2D to 3D Extrusion
origin [x,y] coordinates to use as the drawing's center, in the units specified in the DXF file
scale FIXME

Extrude parameters for linear extrusion only[編集]

height The extrusion height
center If true, extrusion is half up and half down. If false, the section is extruded up.
twist The extrusion twist in degrees
slices FIXME